Get The Lead Out.

New rules have gone into effect since the original publication of the "Primer Primer" and you should be aware of the potential health hazards that can be created by sanding or disturbing lead based paint.
People of all ages can be harmed by lead ingestion, with major concern for children and pregnant women, as lead poisoning impairs neurological development.

We believe that the average Do It Yoursefer unknowingly creates very hazardous conditions when sanding, chipping, scraping and torching old painted surfaces.

 The Environmental Protection Agency has published guidelines for lead dust control which can be found at their website,
 This is the official source for lead paint information and  has federal authority over most private residences and commercial structures.

The Department of Housing and Urban development has their own set of guidelines that apply to public housing, including Section 8 rental units.
Those can be found here,

We have a certificate on file for your inspection declaring the Workshop On Wheels as a Lead Safe Renovator in Ohio.
Whoever you choose to do your work DO NOT compromise your health or that of others.


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