You did not really think that you could repaint your castle with $20.00 in junk from the discount store did you?

    -----Broom and dustpan
    -----Drop clothes
    -----Garbage can
    -----Shop vac
    -----Droplight and bulbs
    -----Hand tools
    -----Mud tray and knives
    -----Mixing bucket
    -----Water jug or bucket
    -----Spray bottles
    -----Janitorial bucket
    -----Paint trays
    -----Roller frames
    -----Roller covers and brushes
    -----Extension pole
    -----Brush and roller cleaner
    -----Roller cover spinner
    -----Sanding block and sandpaper
    -----Sureform rasp

    -----Structolite and lath
    -----Drywall and tape
    -----Durabond 90
    -----Topping and texture
    -----Masking tape
    -----Masking paper
    -----Primer paint
    -----Latex paints
    -----Oil paints
    -----Mineral spirits

    -----A helper

How to paint interiors
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